Découvrez aussi le message en VIDÉO de Madame la Présidente

à l’occasion

du dixième anniversaire en 2013, de l’Université du Luxembourg.

The international students and the graduates, as well as the researchers of the University of Luxembourg, will be ambassadors for the core values of their university as well as for the country of Luxembourg as a whole.

The researchers of the University are a strong asset for the business world, through the collaboration in public-private partnerships for specific research projects, without neglecting fundamental research projects which represent a key value of a modern European University.

Even though the government has been providing strong support to the university, the University of Luxembourg needs contacts with different sectors of the business-world as well as with society as a whole, to continue its powerful development.

Les Amis de l’Université support the university in its mission/role to be an ambassador for Luxembourg, and a motor for Luxembourg’s evolution into a knowledge society of the 21st century, by facilitating contacts with the industrial and business world, as well as with different stakeholders of the society.

© photo : Elvira Gonzalez- Vallés© vidéo : Université du Luxembourg