Scholarship Holders & Award Winners

On Thursday, 7 March, les Amis de l’Université du Luxembourg hosted the 6th ceremony to honor their Scholarship Holders and Award Winners in Luxembourg City. The event took place at Maison Schuman in Clausen.

The programme unfolded as follows:

  • Opening remarks by the President of les Amis de l’Université, Prof. Dr. Rolf Tarrach
  • Presentation of the Luis y Antonio Portabella scholarship by Vice-President Mrs. Alexandra Da Silva
  • Presentation of the Allen & Overy Fellow- & Internship by Mrs. Alysia Amaglio, Executive HR Business Partner & CSR Executive
  • Awarding of certificates to the scholarshipholders
  • Presentation of the Dr. Jean-Claude Loutsch Award by Mrs. Josannette Loutsch, President of the Fondation Loutsch-Weydert
  • Closing remarks by the Vice-Rector for academic affairs of the University of Luxembourg, Prof. Dr. Catherine Léglu
  • Cocktail reception


The ceremony highlighted ten exceptional students selected for the Portabella Scholarship | edition 2024, one student currently benefiting from the A&O Fellow- & Internship, and three other students who received awards for their academic excellence in late 2023.

The following students will be the inaugural recipients of the Portabella Scholarship for the summer semester 2024:

For the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences:

  • Ms. Daria Antropova, born in Russia, is pursuing her Master’s degree in Learning and Communication.
  • Mr Milad Khodabandehloo, from Iran, is pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture.

For the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance:

  • Ms. Yukta Arora, pursuing her Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, born in India.
  • Mr Alireza Orangian, currently pursuing a Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance, coming from Iran.
  • Mr Armaan Sarhadi, pursuing a Master in Finance and Economics, born in India.
  • Ms. Anam Sundas, currently enrolled in a Master in Accounting and Audit, with Pakistani nationality.

For the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine:

  • Ms. Nicoletta Feudjio-Ladjou, from Cameroon, pursuing her Master in Engineering.
  • Ms. Mina Naseh, with Iranian nationality, currently enrolled in a Master in Data Science.
  • Mr. Arman Nasri, currently pursuing a Master in Civil Engineering, coming from Iran.
  • Ms. Dency Claris Thomas, born in India, currently involved in a Master’s degree in Data Science.

Other students present at the ceremony that evening were:

  • Ms. Bashira Mosahed, currently benefiting from the fellowship and internship offered by Allen and Overy for two semesters. She is studying law.
  • Ms. Mégane Bautista, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animation (FHSE).
  • Ms. Lisa Anne Syndikus, recipient of the Portabella Award for Excellence and Mobility in late 2023 (FSTM).
  • Ms. Valérie Rücker, recipient of the Portabella Award for Excellence and Mobility in 2023 (FDEF).
  • Ms. Panagiota Apostolopoulou, recipient of the Germain Dondelinger Award for the best master thesis in 2023 (FDEF).

Feel free to enjoy the photos captured during this event.