Chairman’s Editorial: A New Beginning in Continuity

Dear friends of “Les Amis de l’Université”,

I am honored to address you as the newly appointed Chairman of our esteemed association. The transition from Rolf Tarrach’s leadership of our Board of Directors to mine represents both continuity and change – a delicate balance that I am committed to maintaining. The elected Board is lucky to continue to benefit from his valuable advice as well as that of Erna Hennicot-Schoepges. It comprises long serving and new members, including Jens Kreisel, our Rector, who has assured us of his support to develop further synergies.

Rolf Tarrach, in his wisdom, pointed to my 20+ years as a Board of Governors member as a crucial criterion for this role. Indeed, my journey with our University began even before its inception. I have witnessed its growth, challenges, and triumphs firsthand. But my perspective extends beyond academia – I have steered Proximus Luxembourg, a Telco and Tech service provider, through constant disruption. Now, I bring this dual expertise to guide “Les Amis” into the future.

Our University has evolved over two decades, mirroring the changing world around us. The challenges we face today differ significantly from those at its beginnings. As an association, we must adapt our agenda to align with these new circumstances. Our mission is clear: to amplify the University’s positive impact while embracing innovation where necessary or opportune. One key factor has remained unchanged throughout the years – the need to anchor our University deeply into the dense Luxembourg economic and societal ecosystem and beyond, to build bridges between academia and society.

The “Rolf Tarrach Prize”

In the upcoming highlights we note our most noble event which is coming up on with the award of the “Rolf Tarrach prize”. On July 10, we will gather to celebrate excellence – the culmination of a rigorous selection process. This prestigious award recognizes the best Ph.D. thesis across all faculties. Join us as we honor outstanding contributions to academia. We are also proud to announce Jean-Jacques Rommes as our guest speaker on “Growing the dwarf – Luxembourg’s path from poverty to congestion”.

Prof. Michel Goedert’s Book Presentation

Mark your calendars for December 4! On this special occasion, we come together to celebrate the remarkable journey of 20 years that turned the University project from the drawing boards into reality. Prof. Michel Goedert, a fellow ex-Board of Governors member, will share insights from his book “Looking back on 20 Years in the Conseil de Gouvernance de l’Université du Luxembourg” at the Chamber of Commerce. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with past, present, and future contributors to our University.

As we look ahead to future activities, the Board aims to build upon the solid foundation which has been established and further excel in our core strengths. Central to our mission is the awarding of scholarships to University students, where we serve as a bridge between external stakeholders and the academic community. Just as with the Rolf Tarrach prize, our expertise lies in meticulously selecting awardees based on rigorous standards. Of course, we shall continue the tradition to organize attractive events to create more interest outside our community to recruit new members. Stay tuned!

As we navigate this exciting next chapter of “Les Amis”, I invite each of you to contribute. Let’s preserve our legacy while embracing change.

Happy National Day!

Warm regards,

Gerard Hoffmann | Chairman of Les Amis