Sports Analytics

At the gracious invitation of les Amis de l’Université Luxembourg, Professor Christophe Ley took center stage on the evening of Wednesday 27 March at the Chamber of Commerce. Under the banner of “Sports Analytics – when Figures are more than Numbers,” the conference provided a captivating journey into the burgeoning realm of sports analytics.

During his presentation, Professor Christophe Ley offered a sweeping panorama of sports analytics, tracing its historical roots while elucidating its contemporary significance through compelling anecdotes drawn from the professional sports arena. Drawing from the extensive research conducted by his team, MIDAS, at the University of Luxembourg – some of which is in partnership with professional sports entities – Professor Ley delved deep into the practical application of statistics and machine learning techniques. These methodologies not only facilitate the prediction of sporting event outcomes but also furnish coaches with invaluable insights into the pivotal factors that underpin these prognostications, thereby fine-tuning tactical strategies. Moreover, Professor Ley shed light on the potential translation of these insights into the realm of sports medicine, particularly in the domain of estimating injury risks.

The evening’s agenda unfolded as follows:

  • Welcome speech by Rolf Tarrach, now former president of les Amis de l’Université du Luxembourg
  • General Assembly | Les Amis de l’Université du Luxembourg
  • Lecture by Prof. Christophe Ley
  • Closing remarks by Gérard Hoffmann, now new president of les Amis de l’Université du Luxembourg
  • Cocktail Reception hosted by the Chamber of Commerce

The event encapsulated a harmonious blend of academic discourse, practical insights, and convivial networking opportunities. Below are captured glimpses of March’s marquee event.