Law Clinic

A good twenty enthusiasts gathered at the Weicker building of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance to attend the conference led by Prof. Elise Poillot on the Law Clinic. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, this initiative of the University of Luxembourg offers Master of Law students the opportunity to put their skills into practice for the benefit of civil society.

The beginnings, according to the speaker, were not simple, requiring a preliminary process aimed at convincing all justice actors of the importance of this innovative approach focused on social justice. At the same time, it was crucial to underline that this initiative was not seeking to compete with Luxembourg judicial actors, but rather to complement and strengthen the existing system. The evening began with a warm welcome from the President of the Friends of the University, Prof. Dr Rolf Tarrach, followed by a brief presentation by Prof. Dr Elise Poillot, and finally concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session.

For a deeper dive into the Law Clinic’s work, we warmly invite you to watch our detailed video for a richer perspective. Keen to stay updated on all things Law Clinic? Reach out to Mathilde Calcio-Gaudino at She’ll ensure you’re in the loop for upcoming videoconferences and events.